how do you grow strong? most of us never know about what they are capable of. as rower i was astonished about the performance surfacing in the boat. what a contrast to the experience in school!
if you know where you want to go, a plan might help. my booklet for planning workout (in german) is still used for teaching coaches, you can find it here.

coach i am being curious what one can find hidden in individuals. what a joy to see individual talents to unfurl. what a priviledge to help fuelling dreams, unleashing passion and building skill.

consultant i became a technitian to create things useful for people and solve problems important to them. i found that most problems are not technical but social, thus becoming a consultant learning the language of economy (in china).

architect building digital media solutions for ibm and later founding partizipative organizations gave me the opportunity to be an architect, creating room for innovation. this is important, because i believe we need to use much more of our creative potential in this new millenium.

entrepeneur this believe made me become an entrepeneur, serving learners, serving people and organizations who are still developing their potential. the key for my work is the individual‘s motivation, which is the energy driving everything else.

reinhold messner once said, everyone healty can pull a sledge through the antarctic if one finds sense in it. i believe this ist true. what a potential to tap!