Java Bean Broker SKID Version 2.0.8

programmed by Klaus Hammermüller with the Asgaard-project.

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"Skid" is a Java object-broker used in the Asgaard-framework built on pure Java components. This object-broker focusses on transparent persistent Java beans without the need of a proprietary enterprise server. "Skid" collaborates potentially with every SQL-server. We implemented a JDBC flatfile - driver as well as mySQL, and Oracle 8 has also been tested successfully.

  What is Skid?

Skid is a collection of pure Java-classes implementing an object broker for bean-based data-objects implementing the  RemoteBean interface for distributed applications.

Features of data objects implementing the  RemoteBean interface:

Features of the object broker implementing the  RemoteBroker interface:

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The Distribution is under
GNU public license Version 2; there is absolutely NO WARRANTY on this software.

A complete distribution contains one compressed zip-archive 2.0.8 experimental release

Documentation Only

For a more detailed online documentation click here and there is a printable version in pdf.

Additionally, the basics of the design are outlined in the German master thesis Design einer Datenbank für kontextspezifische Daten, Pläne und deren zeitlichen Verlauf at the Vienna Technical University, 1998.



Sorry, there is no support on this software yet, but feel free to send all your remarks, bug-reports and ideas to I hope that this piece of software will help you.